Using the biogas register as an injector

As an injector of biomethane into the natural gas grid, you can use the register to document the production criteria in the register and transfer quantities to your buyers.

Injector companies are companies which, according to an injection contract, inject biomethane into the natural gas grid. As an injector company, the facility is located under your company node.

You configure the quantities, are also responsible for the categorisation of the criteria, and monitor the greenlighting process. When configuring quantities, you will incur costs.

You will need to hire an auditor to verify the criteria. You will find all registered auditors in the List of auditors.

Subsequently, you will be able to transfer/withdraw quantities to/for your buyers and/or end customers.

If you would like the activities in the biogas register to be carried out by a service provider you have commissioned, this is not a problem at all. Your service provider simply needs to register a user who will then receive access to your company.

By using the biogas register, you as a producer receive flexibility in the marketing of your products. Because a distributor is able to provide proof of the biogas's origin to each end customer via the register extract, there is no risk for him when purchasing the biogas, thereby providing the highest degree of efficiency during sales.

If you would like to use the biogas register, the section "Registration and contracts" provides you with all the documents required for registration. In the other tabs, you will find information on the costs incurred for the use of the biogas register and additional details on how the biogas register works.