Criteria catalogue — The standard.

The criteria catalogue describes various conditions which are relevant for categorisation according to various funding mechanisms, e.g. according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). It summarises the points of the Biomethane Guidelines ("Leitfaden Biomethan"), which contains a complete list of all general statutory regulations for the funding of biomethane. There are currently 50 criteria for the German market which cover all records for all statutory utilisation pathways. Furthermore, a distinction is made between facility- and company-related criteria, e.g.:

Facility-related: "Capacity up to 350 Nm3/h"
Company-related:"Biomass as defined by the Biomass Ordinance (BiomasseV)"


Through the documentation of a quantity of biogas based on the criteria, it remains to be decided in which manner this quantity is ultimately utilised. The last link in the commercial chain is still able to decide if the gas e.g. is to be used for the EEG market, the heat market, or for emissions trading.