Documentation of records in the biogas register

The documentation of records via the German biogas register is based on the two central elements register extract and criteria catalogue.  

By verifying standardised criteria and listing this and other record-relevant data in the register extract, the documentation of records is possible for:

  • Electricity production (EEG 2004, 2009, 2012, 2014)
  • Heat market (EWärmeG 2009, 2011)
  • Electricity tax exemption

Biomethane producers can document the remuneration- and record-relevant properties of the biomethane injected in the biogas register, thereby allowing them to easily and efficiently re-market unambiguously defined products to distributors, public utility companies, and end customers.

Furthermore, even as an (intermediate) biomethane distributor, you can directly market the proven biomethane properties in a standardised fashion.

The biomethane properties documented in the form of a biogas register extract can then subsequently be used by end customers (e.g. for their CHP or condensing boiler systems) or by public utility companies (e.g. for additive products) for the documentation of their records for furnishing electricity grid operators, building authorities, or customers with proof.

In order to enable a reliable documentation of records, great emphasis was placed on quality and security when designing the register.

The biogas register was system-certified in accordance with the quality and security requirements.

The documentation of records in the register was verified by audit firms and their auditors.