Register extract

The register extract documents

  • the keeping of quantity records in the mass balancing system of the biogas register
  • the existence of original records (audit reports)
  • a summary of the documented properties based on the audit reports

According to the Federal Environment Ministry's (BMU) requirements in the interpretation aid for mass balancing, the biogas register extract is seen as a database extract from a mass balancing system.

Register extract types

There are two types of biogas register extracts. They can be distinguished by the title that appears on all pages of the extract:

  • Biogas register extract for a biogas delivery
  • Biogas register extract for a biogas certificate

In the first case (delivery), a quantity of biogas has been delivered from the production facility to the consumer via the natural gas grid.

In the second case, the commodity "gas" is separated from the biogenous properties and later recombined when it reaches the consumer.

Register extract number

Each register extract is assigned a number which can be used to e.g. verify its validity .

Contents of a register extract

The register extract summarises all relevant data on the biogas quantity consumed. In particular, it also contains the following information:

Part 1: Proof of Quantity 

The first part reproduces the data of the green gas quantity.

  • Creator: The company that created the registry extract in the biogas register
  • Recipient: The recipient / user of the register extract
  • Quantity: The quantity in kWh: Data in calorific value (HS) and calorific value (HI).
  • Purpose: For which target market is the register extract needed?

The biogas quantity here refers to the quantity of biogas consumed, not the production quantity.

Section 2: Infeed & Use

In this section, you will find all the relevant details for the feeding in as well as for the use of the green gas.

The abbreviation IBN refers to the commissioning date.

Section 3: The documented criteria from the criteria catalog

This section contains a list of the criteria entered into the company and facility audit documentation from the criteria catalogue  of the German biogas register.

In addition, all substrates used in the production plant are listed. Depending on the register extract type, further information will follow. Each excerpt will conclude with the "Registrar's Notes".

Checking the validity of a register extract

Easily check validity at any time

The validity of a biogas register extract can be verified against the German biogas register at any time and without having to register. Hence, this feature is available to all recipients of biogas register extracts. If you would like to check the validity of a register extract, please visit  .

Two verification procedures exist: Verification using the biogas register extract numberVerification using the biogas register extract file (PDF)If verification is performed using the verification number, the system will indicate if a corresponding biogas register extract was issued by the German biogas register. This extract can then be downloaded again as a PDF file. If verification is performed using the extract file in the original output format (PDF), the biogas register extract to be verified is temporarily transmitted to the biogas register and an electronic comparison of the documents is carried out.

Viewing of audit reports

All recipients of biogas register extracts can submit an application to the registrar to request access to the audit reports the register extracts are based on. Submission of a written application is required in order to be able to view the report. If you would like to submit an application, please contact your contact person.