Biogas Verification

Verification documentation in the biogas register

The verification documentation of the Biogas Register Germany is based on the central elements of the register extract and the criteria catalogue.   

By checking standardised criteria and listing these and other data relevant to verification within the register extract, verification documentation is possible for:

  • Electricity production (EEG 2004, 2009, 2012, 2014)
  • Heat market (EEWärmeG 2009, 2011)
  • Electricity tax exemption

Within the biogas register, biomethane producers can document the properties of the biomethane fed into the grid that are relevant to remuneration and verification, and thus market clearly defined products simply and efficiently to traders, municipal utilities and end consumers.

As a biomethane (intermediate) trader, it is also possible to market the proven biomethane properties in a standardised and direct manner.

The biomethane properties documented in the form of a biogas register extract can finally be used by end consumers (e.g. for their CHPs or condensing boilers) or municipal utilities (e.g. for admixture products) for their verification documentation towards electricity grid operators, building authorities or customers.

In order to enable reliable verification documentation, high value was placed on quality and security when setting up the register.

The verification documentation within the register is ensured by testing companies and their auditors.