Quality, Safety & System Certification

The following mechanisms ensure quality and security in the biogas register Germany:

Internal quality assurance

  • 4-eyes principle: system users and reviewers confirm submissions
  • Audit by independent reviewers
  • Keeping copies of audit reports
  • Personalised access only with plausibility check by registry administrators

Technical security measures

  • Penetration test to ensure data integrity
  • Personalised login with ID and password
  • Exclusive access via encrypted connection (SSL)

IDW PS 880 Audit (2018)

The application of the Biogas Register Germany was audited in 2018 in version 3.2 by a renowned auditing firm on the basis of the auditing standard "The auditing of software products" (IDW PS 880) issued by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V.).

The Biogas Register Germany is certified as having a quality-assured and proper development. In addition, the register complies with the principles of proper accounting (GoB) and can be used as documentation for internal company audits (e.g. annual audits, company audits, internal audits).

Since the registered data serves as the basis for many downstream steps (deliveries, settlements, audits, etc.), dena has the certification renewed regularly.

In addition to the audited version, the software development is also certified. This ensures that subsequent versions also meet the standards.

The certificate can be viewed on request.