About the Biogasregister

The Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - the German Energy Agency - developed the concept for the Biogasregister Deutschland in 2009 with support of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) in dialogue with market participants and experts from politics and economy.

dena runs the Biogasregister Deutschland as registrar. Tasks of the registrar include i.a.:

  • Support for system users
  • Quality assurance within conformity documentation (Quality and Security )
  • Admittance of new user
  • Provision of the technical system.

Due to its structure as semigovernmental organisation, dena is independent of any biomethane stakeholders.That's why dena was inserted by the steering commitee as neutral registrar.


The following illustration describes the process of the ducumentation within the Biogasregister.

  1. The producer of biogas injects the produced and upgraded biogas into the gas-grid (Production)
  2. At the same time the biogas is booked into the Biogasregister.
  3. An environmental verifier or auditor is inspecting the facility and production on-site and verifies quantity, property profile and origin of the biogas within the Biogasregister.
  4. Producers and intermediaries split the biogas quantities and transferring them according to the supply chain to the accounts of other register participants. 
  5. The consumer extracts the biogas from the gas-grid, he himself or his supplier derecognises the quantities from the Biogasregister.
  6. The consumer receives an Biogasregister-Extract concerning a delivery of biogas confirming the biogas quantity with origin, property profile as well as injection- and extraction information. Within the Biogasregister-Extract, one can e.g. apply for remunerations.

Example-Registry extracts

Exemplary fictitious Biogasregister-Extracts concerning a

  • biogas delivery and
  • a biogas certificate

can be found on the right.

Mass Balancing

The Renewable Energies sources Act (EEG) and the Renewable Energy Heat Act (EEWärmeG) require that, for supporting the usage of biomethane, the complete transportation and trading from the production to the extraction, a mass balance documentation is made.

The Biogasregister Deutschland in its current version 2.4, fullfills the minimum requirements mentioned by the "interpretation aid for mass balancing" by Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMU) (Auslegungshilfe zur Massenbilanzierung des BMU). 

Within the Biogasregister documentated biomethane quantities can be used for:

  • remuneration of electricity produced from biomethane according to the feed-in tariffs of EEG
  • recognition of fulfilment of obligation by EEWärmeG for the heat produced from biomethane

Welcome to the German biogas register

The German biogas register is a platform for the standardised and straightforward documentation of records on biogas quantities and quality in the natural gas grid.

It was conceived for producers, distributors, and consumers of processed biogas injected into the natural gas grid — called biomethane or bio natural gas.

The German biogas register documents records  for the use of biogas, in particular for:

  • Electricity and heat production (EEG)
  • Heat production (EEWärmeG)

As a neutral stakeholder, the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency – operates the biogas register and provides a system which allows biomethane to be certified and traced from production to consumption.