Contracts & Fees

All principles and contracts applicable to the registration and use of the biogas register as well as the schedule of fees can be found here:

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General principles for the functioning of the Biogas Register Germany

The "General Principles for the Functioning of the Biogas Register Germany" serve as the contractual basis for all users of the Biogas Register Germany. This includes the registered companies and their registered employees as well as the registered inspection companies and registered auditors as defined by the Biogas Register Germany. Furthermore, the document serves to inform the operators who receive and use register extracts of the Biogas Register.


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General contract conditions

Producers, traders or consumers as well as testing companies and auditors can register with the Biogas Register Germany on the basis of the "General Contractual Conditions". There is a corresponding document for each of these groups:

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Fee schedule

System usage fees are charged for the use of the Biogas Register Germany by a registered company. These fees are charged to the companies by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) in its function as registry administrator: