Registration of user companies & users

The users of the German biogas register are companies which are e.g.

  • producers and
  • distributors

of biogas in the natural gas network. To register your company in the Biogas Register Germany, please first complete the registration form for user companies:

Template: Download


From a mass balancing standpoint, this refers to the first company which is responsible for 100 % of the processed biomethane quantity after injection. End consumers which are supplied with biomethane at the delivery point do not need to register. They will receive a register extract from the supplier as a record.


Registration of registered system users (employees)

For each employee who will be active in the biogas register for your registered company, please fill out a registration form for registered system users. This system user will act on behalf of the corresponding company assigned. A person can also be assigned multiple companies

Template: Download
  • Contact person: It is sufficient to indicate one main contact person. You only need to indicate different contact persons for contracts/general matters, invoicing, and operational implementation if you wish to distribute the duties accordingly in your company.
  • Invoice code: Does your administration department wish to receive a code for invoices from the biogas register? You can enter this information here.
  • Desired company abbreviation: Enter an abbreviation consisting of 3-5 characters here which will be used to identify your company.This abbreviation will appear e.g. in your account numbers and on the biogas register extracts generated by your company. If you do not specify your own abbreviation, you will be assigned one.
    Example: The "Biogas Generation Company Pte. Ltd." chooses the abbreviation "BGC".