Criteria Catalogue

The catalogue of criteria describes various conditions that are relevant for classification in different support mechanisms, e.g. according to the EEG. It summarises the statements of the "Biomethane Guideline", which fully covers all legal framework conditions for the promotion of biomethane.

There are currently 50 criteria for the German market that cover all evidence for all legal utilization routes. A distinction is made between plant-related and operation-related criteria, e.g.:

  • Plant-related: "Capacity up to 350 Nm3/h".
  • Plant-related: "Biomass as defined by the BiomasseV".

By documenting a biogas quantity on the basis of the criteria, it remains open in which form this quantity is ultimately used. The last link in the trading chain can still decide whether the gas is used e.g. for the EEG market, the heat market or for emissions trading.

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