Import and export of biomethane certificates

The dena Biogasregister is part of the ERGAR network in order to standardize international trade in biomethane and the transfer of the associated certificates.

This enables a reliable and standardized exchange of certificates via the "ERGaR Certificate of Origin (CoO) Scheme".

A transfer can currently be carried out between the dena Biogasregister Deutschland and the following registers:


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From now on, biomethane quantities imported into the dena Biogasregister from other EU countries will be entered in the "green" status without separate proof and thus meet the requirements of a mass balance delivery. 

With the entry into force of COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2022/996, the EU interconnected grid is regarded as a single mass balancing system for gaseous fuels. Accordingly, the requirements in the Biogasregister for the verification of imported biomethane quantities are hereby adjusted. 

The previous requirement that proof in the form of a capacity booking at a cross-border interconnection point had to be submitted for imported quantities - which were initially booked in as "yellow" by default - in order to document a mass balancing delivery is no longer applicable. 

For quantities from non-EU countries (e.g. UK), nothing will change for the time being and proof in the form of a capacity booking for a mass balance delivery will continue to be required.

Quantities that have already been booked in will be changed from "yellow" to "green" status at short notice at the request of the company that accepted the import in the Biogasregister. This request can be made informally by e-mail to support(at), stating the batch number(s).